Another reason I love Northern Sweden

I just wanted to quickly write, before I forget to write it, a reason why I love Northern Sweden and because it somehow deserves to be written and read by someone.

It's about the seasons, and in particular; autumn. It gets dark in Northern Sweden from midsummer - I'm told by 15 minutes every week and in September, the month I am writing this post, there is no snow and at night, it gets really dark, mostly because there is no snow.

I love this time because I get to look up at the sky and for most of the month, you only see stars. Yes, it is a bit chilly and sometimes wet, but the stars are fantastic, they cover the sky and because we live in the middle of nowhere, you feel as if you are getting to see them up close.

A few years ago, Johanna and I spent a few nights on the west coast of South Africa, about a five hour drive from Cape Town and the stars there were amazing too, but there is something about the stars in Sweden and the cold - it is like they were meant to be together.

Anyway, I might come and edit this post in time, but I didn't want to forget about writing it, so here it is and a reason that makes living in Sweden quite nice.

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