Is Skellefteå growing up? New beer now

Skellefteå now has a brewery! The beer pictured is imported and bottled in Skellefteå, but they are also making beer locally.

I've tasted both beers they are making and it's nice and if you live in Sweden you can order it through Systembolaget.

The beer comes from Kallholmens Maltbryggeri and is based just outside Skellefteå in a place called Skelleftehamn - 'hamn' means port and yes, it is on the water. You can visit the website here or if you live close by, they also have a restaurant and a sort of bar.

With a new restaurant coming, one of the hotels getting extended and a new pub opening on October 26th - I think Skellefteå is growing up and it certainly makes it more interesting.

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