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Oskar. I nearly forgot Oskar

Someone just pointed out that Oskar wasn't on the site. I explained that I'd just moved the blog here and that content was coming across one day, but here he is now.

Oskar is the second one. Driving too fast if you ask me, but he is quite good at it.

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All here now

I've just removed my Joomla site that sat at and I'm now using this as my main page for blogging.

It does mean that all my posts on innovation, Brightidea, Bygdsiljum First and everything else, have gone. They might come back one day, if I find the time and I really want them back, but for now, I'm starting over.

Using Blogger is just easier in so many ways and with all the changes at Google, it just made sense. Now for integration with Twitter and an Instagram style service, it will all be good.

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Big Steve in Bygdsiljum

Bygdsiljumsbacken is the ski hill in the village and I helped with the website this year and raising a bit of money in sponsorship. On top of that we managed to get Big Steve from England to come and shoot a video for his Blackyoumentary and what they didn't use they made a little promotional video for us. Watch it below and like it.

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