Update on the safe walking pavement

I've had a few telephone calls the last couple of weeks and met a couple of people about the need for a safe walking road. Short of the long is this; everybody thinks it is a good idea, but it is about finding the money.

Next week I have another meeting with Anders Mellberg, who is the department manager at the kommun for Streets and Parks. In that meeting will be Lars Höjetun, responsible for traffic section in the same department.

Nothing is official, but we've looked at where we want it to go, the reasons why we want it and the justification for having it and everyone I've met or spoken with agree, it is a good idea.

Next week I'll be meeting Trafikverket, the people that actually own the road and will be the ones that actually have to pay for it and hopefully, with the support of Skellefteå kommun, we will be able to move forward.

After all, Skellefteå is the idea place. If we can't get enough ideas in to cover the estimated cost of 1.5mn kr to make this safe walking road a reality, then something must be wrong, especially with the size of the contingency budget that is going to be needed to get this road done in the first place.

A quick update, hopefully a bigger one in a couple of weeks and if you see something at ICA over the next few days, please take notice and a little time to read, in particular with the reference to 'trottoar' or as I'm calling it 'safe walking road'.

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