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Safe walking road update, with the option to Google translate

This is just a really quick update as I'm going round in circles a little bit with the kommun and time is running out.

The only way we are going to get this safe walking road in Bygdsiljum is for someone at the kommun to take responsibility for it. Today I was told the best person to speak with would be Harriet Classon, so I sent an email to her and I'll start calling from tomorrow.

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An update to the safe walking road for Bygdsiljum

I'm sorry this isn't in Swedish, I really do wish Google Translate was 100% perfect, but it isn't, so for now, if you're reading this and your mother tongue is Swedish, I apologise. And even if I was fluent in Swedish, which is nine years away, writing in Swedish is probably something that will never happen (although you can use the Google Translate function to the right now).

And the update is this; for work to begin at the same time as construction on the new road from Bygdsiljum to Burträsk begins, then something extraordinary has to happen. But the key thing here is, it's not impossible or that difficult.

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