Safe walking road update, with the option to Google translate

This is just a really quick update as I'm going round in circles a little bit with the kommun and time is running out.

The only way we are going to get this safe walking road in Bygdsiljum is for someone at the kommun to take responsibility for it. Today I was told the best person to speak with would be Harriet Classon, so I sent an email to her and I'll start calling from tomorrow.
I spoke with Lorents Burman last week and he said he'd look into it, also that it wasn't really his thing. He also said someone would contact me, but they haven't. I can only assume they are busy.

I had a meeting with Lars Höjetun earlier and got the distinct impression that he has heard this before from many other villages. He was the one that suggested I contact Harriet. I just dont think the other village have as much heavy traffic or that the main road into the village is getting upwards of 50,000,000Kr spent on it the year after next.

He also might have implied that Bygdsiljum has nobody fighting for them at a political level, so it would be very hard to get this done, even if it was a good idea. I hope that isn't the case.

I'm going to try and close this one way or the other very soon as it seems nobody is willing to take responsibility for this and I'm spending too much time on it. My heart and head now say that unless we get some political force behind this idea, it isn't going to happen and with only a few months to get this done, it is beyond what I can do.

There is however a plan B and that might actually be more fun. If I get the go-ahead, it will go live on the Bygdsiljum website fairly soon.

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