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Some questions for Ola Burström

A local paper has spoken to Ola Burström about our desire in Bygdsiljum to have a safe walking road and he's basically said that it wont be happening. It is very easy to say no to something when asked questions on the phone and maybe he wasn't aware of all the facts.

So, I'd like to ask him a few questions and maybe if he isn't aware of the answers, by looking into them, he'll be more aware of the facts. And seeing as my Swedish is awful, they're in English, but I'll send them to his office as soon as I publish this post, but for transparency, here they are:

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Alternatives to a safe walking road in Bygdsiljum

To add a safe walking road in Bygdsiljum in 2015 would cost, approximately  an additional 1.5mn kronor to the upwards of 50mn kronor that is getting spent on 'fixing' the existing road. To do it at any other time, as in when work wasn't already happening, we're looking at upwards of 4mn kronor.

For more than 20 years people in Bygdsiljum have tried to get this safe walking road and it hasn't happened. There is every chance it won't happen this time also, so why not look at alternatives that might allow us to bypass the municipality.

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