Alternatives to a safe walking road in Bygdsiljum

To add a safe walking road in Bygdsiljum in 2015 would cost, approximately  an additional 1.5mn kronor to the upwards of 50mn kronor that is getting spent on 'fixing' the existing road. To do it at any other time, as in when work wasn't already happening, we're looking at upwards of 4mn kronor.

For more than 20 years people in Bygdsiljum have tried to get this safe walking road and it hasn't happened. There is every chance it won't happen this time also, so why not look at alternatives that might allow us to bypass the municipality.

Traffic lights
There are several ways to do this and it basically depends on how advanced we want them to operate, if we want cameras to monitor and how many we want. We're looking at anything from 50,000 kronor to 300,000 kronor plus annual fees and cost of electricity. But lets be honest, who really wants traffic lights?

Plant boxes as chicanes
This isn't so stupid, so don't dismiss straight away. In Skellefteå, on the way out of town towards Stiftsgården, they have three or four of these boxes to slow down traffic. It also makes it a lot safer.
I'm estimating the cost of these at 20,000 kronor per set of four. It can probably be a little less, but it's just an estimate and we'd also need two sets. This might actually work and the kommun would be saving a lot of money.

Speed bumps
These would work but we all know how annoying they would be. I almost don't even want to consider these as an option. In fact, forget I ever mentioned them.

Either way, these are just alternatives and there are more, but instead of that, we're going to invite Skellefteå kommun, Region Västerbotten and Trafikverket to Bygdsiljum and see if representatives from each group will walk either side down our road.

Confirmation on date of invitation when I've had a chance to make sure dates are good for others.

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