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Sort of an update on the playground in Bygdsiljum

I don't think I've written a post about the playground in it's entirety or what is going on but there are a couple of posts here if you know nothing about it. But there is a need for an update, mostly because I'm getting chased on it and some people are asking questions.

BUAB own the land the playground sits on and ultimately they have responsibility for the playground and all elements of it. And as of about May or June, they've had full control of the project and during the summer Jonas Lindgren became the project manager for it, on behalf of BUAB.

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School meeting fun in Bygdsiljum

We had a meeting at the school earlier. I hate writing this next bit, but it was masked as a process about what is best for the children and also how it was expensive having a school in Bygdsiljum and many options were put forward in how it could change. But for me, I'm sorry, it's just a mask.

They did put some options forward, most notably we take year six back to Bygdsiljum and I think I speak for everyone when I say that would be the best all round and not just because we get to keep our school, but because evidence suggests it is better for them also.

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The importance of schools in rural communities

I'm fairly sure some people at Skellefteå kommun don't like it when I call them, because I never call them to say thank you or well done or please sir, I want some more.

And this morning is no different. I've spoken with Anders Bergström who heads up the schools at Skellefteå kommun because he's coming to Bygdsiljum on Monday to talk about the school and in fairness to myself, he isn't coming to say thank you or well done, he's coming to warn about closure even if that will be masked by something else.

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Quite likely the last post about the safe walking road in Bygdsiljum

It's not that I'm giving up on the safe walking road, it's just that there is too much for me to do and for this to get done, there needs to be a lot more time spent on it, mostly because it isn't really about meeting people anymore.

It's about finding someone at Skellefteå kommun that is willing to put the work in, for Bygdsiljum, or to another extent and this might not be the best way of writing this, but forcing the kommun to stand by how they promote themselves as a community.

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