Sort of an update on the playground in Bygdsiljum

I don't think I've written a post about the playground in it's entirety or what is going on but there are a couple of posts here if you know nothing about it. But there is a need for an update, mostly because I'm getting chased on it and some people are asking questions.

BUAB own the land the playground sits on and ultimately they have responsibility for the playground and all elements of it. And as of about May or June, they've had full control of the project and during the summer Jonas Lindgren became the project manager for it, on behalf of BUAB.

So, my involvement is very limited now but I help where I can and annoy them, no doubt. I can tell you that there is a lot of work still to do, but hopefully quite soon, because I'm chasing Jonas and need it for something else, I'll be able to give you dates for when we expect the playground to be complete.

This will include not only the completion date but also maybe a date or three for when you might be able to help with the construction or painting of the playground .. if you'd like to. Hat tips also to Sijum Mekan for agreeing to help with the slide, Martinsons for everything they've done to date and will do and to Jonas Persson, for waiting patiently to be involved with foundation work. There are others and they'll all be recognised when we finally finish.

But still a lot to do but with Jonas involved now it should be smoothly managed but this was just a post to say that the playground is getting done .... just in Bygdsiljum time and with other priorities now and winter coming up, a way for me to sign off on this.

Finally, we are going to open source the plans for the playground. This means that anyone can download them, take them to a saw mill and say this is the wood they want. They'll then be able to build their own playground. This wasn't always part of the plan because I thought there was an opportunity to make extra money on these plans for Bygdsiljum, but it does seem like the right thing to do. The plans are there and when complete, others should benefit from them. It's very much the culture of the Bydgsiljum First project.

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