Poll results: Do the people that live in Bygdsiljum actually want this wind farm to surround Bygdsiljum?

I put a poll up on the Bygdsiljum homepage recently asking a simple question; do you want this wind farm around Bygdsiljum. The results actually surprised me.

The results surprised me because when you initially speak to people about it, it's 2 to 1 against. These numbers suggest that actually, it's more. But when you speak to people, some don't know that this isn't the kommun and that they're only granting permission for the cash.

They also don't know that this energy isn't for Bygdsiljum or Skellefteå and they are under the misconception that lots of jobs are going to be created and that it will be good for Bygdsiljum. When talking to people they were also unaware of the health risks or the fact that people generally don't want to live near these things because of the noise and because of how they look.

And evidence backs this all up! And yes, actually, I don't want to hear them and I don't want to see them. But what the citizens of Skellefteå want is something else entirely and there is another post on that coming up in a few minutes, because I heard something tonight that didn't just surprise me, it made me question the very nature of the kommun and it's responsibilities.

Anyway, the poll results speak for themselves. You could only vote once and we only have 370 people in Bygdsiljum. The number of votes above represent quite possibly a very large percentage of people in Bygdsiljum with access to the internet.

I wonder if that will be factored in?

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