Something positive about Skellefteå

Just on my way to bed and it dawned on me that I've written too many posts this past week out of frustration and it maybe gives the wrong impression of Skellefteå. And just because it feels like, at the moment anyway, the kommun is stood over the village and is just taking a huge dump, there are things to write about that are pretty cool.

One of those things is the direct flight from Skellefteå to Stansted and because I'm English, I'm not going to refer to it as London Stansted as it's a long way from London, even if you can get a direct train. Still, it's close enough.

Anyway, the boy turned ten in April and on the morning he woke one of his presents was that there was no school and that we were going to London. Actually, now I write this, I'm writing that it's cool that we can now leave Skellefteå, but it's mostly cool that people from the UK can now fly here direct. That is the bit you should take from this post especially if you've ever thought about coming to the north of Sweden.

Anyway, in the two full days we had in London, we did the London Eye, London Dungeon, Ripley's Believe It or Not, The National Gallery and loads of other stuff that might have involved a pint or two with his uncle and my brother, but it was topped off by Aston Villa at Crystal Palace.

And Palace looked after us, in particular Oskar. We had a great lunch and about an hour before kick off there was a raffle and in it, Oskar won two tickets in the Directors Box for next season. So, as long as the flights are still going to London when Aston Villa are at Palace again, we have to go.

Oskar also got to meet ex Aston Villa player Barry Bannan who is now at Crystal Palace and the legend that is Hamish Brown, even took a photo of them together and one of Oskar on the pitch about an hour before kick off (thanks Hamish).

Not really sure Oskar knew who Barry Bannan was, but it was nice for me.

It's a lovely stadium and when full, the atmosphere was excellent

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