Will be interesting to see if Skellefteå, Robertsfors or Umeå is first

Robertsfors, Umeå and Skellefteå are in a sticky place. They've got residents that don't want these wind turbines going up but they've got the opportunity to make a bit of money.

What do they do; support residents and say no to these or ignore residents and allow them to be built? 

I suspect Robertsfors kommun will allow these to happen because they're used to getting bullied. I heard a story of a politician promise no changes to a small local school, only for him to get voted in and then the changes at the small local school happened because of him.

Umeå, as the European Capital of Culture, are probably really busy but the very definition of 'culture' suggests that they wont let this happen. They'd rather listen to people and decide what is best rather than be bullied by a corporation. That would make a mockery of culture.

And I'm fairly sure that Skellefteå will say no and not let it happen because Skellefteå has a vision for 2030 and they also support the Bygdsiljum village to get more people moving here by 2022. They can't support both those and then allow this to happen. It would be like robbing Peter to pay Paul. I just hope they're the first to come out and say no, because as of late, they've not appeared to lead.

But those are the plans above - it's about three kommuns standing up and saying no. Will be interesting to see which kommun is the leader.

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